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Yes! Mandarin is a Mandarin immersed, cross-cultural and communication consultancy company with the goal to have Mandarin prevail to become the internationally spoken language to connect the world to Asia. We enable our clients to create profitable international relationships with Chinese-speaking countries by building cultural connections through Mandarin language learning to enhance cultural sensitivity, understanding and develop trust.    

With a rich experience assisting the world’s leading corporations to work successfully across borders and cultures, Yes! Mandarin serves as a powerhouse providing the world the most efficient approach to master Mandarin. It is a portal for Corporate training and Educational solutions. Our programs are available online or face-to-face, with the comprehensive resources for a rich learning experience.

▶ Our Story

Yes! Mandarin is affiliated with Knowledge Empowerment Company. We began in 2011 to help companies and individuals to learn Mandarin and to help plan execute internal training in Mandarin. We have worked extensively with international companies such as Samsung Electronics Taiwan, Siemens Taiwan, SK Hynix, The British American Tobacco Company, ASML Taiwan, Lam Research Taiwan and other prestigious enterprises.

In addition to providing professional Mandarin courses, we also work with Tamkang University School of Foreign Languages, Takming University of Science and Technology, Corning University of Business and Information College, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and other schools to improve our services through academia-industry collaboration.

Yes!Mandarin offers a practical and diverse curriculum, but also provides customized services for your individual needs. It is the best choice to learn Mandarin!

▶ Our Mission

Market Trend

• With the rapid economic expansion with Mainland China, it has become the world’s top powerhouse, influencing global politics and gaining significant clout over the world. To embrace & master Mandarin language has become a critical skill to change one’s business horizon.

• Chinese people and businessman are spread across the globe. With the ability to speak Mandarin, it enable the access to a greater social and professional network.

• One who can put “fluent in Mandarin” on their resumes are seeing the payoff, with light years ahead of the competition in the job market.

Cross-Cultural Communication

• Chinese culture, tradition and art has become a global phenomenon and trend. Having the knowledge will enrich your appreciation towards Chinese culture, history, architecture, music and cuisine.

• With the impact of globalization and frequent international exchanges, having a good command in the Mandarin language will help you understand the essence in Chinese society and culture.

Mission Statement

For the world to Think Globally, Act Locally !!

The most prominent features to change and navigate the business world of “glocalization” are emerging cloud-computing technology, multiple languages, and cross-border mobility. Yes! Mandarin is here to help you say YES! to the world and to elevate one’s business horizon.

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