About Us

Yes! Mandarin is affiliated with Knowledge Empowerment Company. We began in 2011 to help companies and individuals learn Mandarin and to help execute internal training in Mandarin.

We have worked extensively with international companies such as Samsung Electronics Taiwan, ASML Taiwan, Lam Research Taiwan and other prestigious enterprises.

Why YES! Mandarin

A communicative approach based on speaking

Fun and interactive method

Rich content with customize curriculum

Personalized program

Guarantee progress

Our Courses

Learning Mandarin should be about communication – to understand and to be understood.

At YES! Mandarin, we create an environment for communication to take place for kids, teens and adults who are joining us from around the world.

Our Teachers

We at YES! Mandarin are passionate about what we do. Our focus is to help children, teens and adults enrolling in our Mandarin language classes make the most out of their learning experience.

Our native Mandarin-speaking teachers are chosen for their ability to inspire learning among students. Many of our leading teachers are qualified to teach in Chinese Language Centers or University.

Who We Serve

• Corporate Executive Managers
• Corporate Foreign Employees
• Professionals living in Taiwan and their families
• Migrant workers and new residents living in Taiwan
• Exchange students living in Taiwan
• Avid Mandarin Learner around the world

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