▶ Why Yes! Mandarin ?

1. A communicative approach based on speaking

The Yes! Mandarin method is based on the communicative approach, rather than memorizing loads of grammatical rules and lists of vocabulary. This comprehensive educational approach encourages interaction and the use of the language in real life situations.    

2. A fun and interactive method

With dozens of interactive speaking & listening activities, with game approach to test learning result, Yes ! Mandarin’s program is interactive and fun. With highest level of flexibility for global learners to learn whenever and wherever, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either online or F2F with prior appointment.    

3. Rich content to tailor-made curriculum

The Yes ! Mandarin program employs a comprehensive approach which enables you to develop all of the skills required to master Mandarin as a second language: speaking and writing comprehension, speaking and writing expressions, grammar and culture. With more than hundreds of topics for everyday and business use, it is our number one priority to make your Mandarin learning a success!   


4. A personalized program

• Program to fit learners of all different levels: from beginner to advanced learners, Yes ! Mandarin has a solution for you. A placement test at the beginning of the training course will identify your competency level and set out a customized work program. After that, you can evaluate your own performance throughout training with the help of progress tests.   

Program to fit for all purposes: either professional or personal objectives, Yes ! Mandarin can help you meet your requirements with the help of a personal coach. He/she will provide you with support throughout your training and help you make progress at your own pace.   

5. Guarantee progress

By offering “Progress report”, “Learning weakness analysis” and other relevant records to help you understand your own progress. You can dedicate your focus on the areas that requires critical improvement, therefore significantly achieve learning effectiveness.   

▶ Our Features

From beginners to advanced learners, we have a wide variety of textbooks to meet students’ needs. In addition to traditional textbooks, we incorporate real-life situations into our courses. Therefore, course materials also include newspaper reading, TV programs, viral videos on the internet, and so on.   

With the help of real-life examples, students will learn Mandarin easier and more effectively. For students interested in the Chinese culture, we also provide our learners with “Mandarin Plus! Program”, which includes various topics, such as cooking, calligraphy or Chinese Tea Ceremony! Join us now to explore!   

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